Private tours


The tours you find here are merely examples. None of them is scripted. Tours I offer you are based on knowledge kept up-to-date, experience and my passion for guiding.  You – my dear Guest – are the one who will inspire the story of the day… 


Any private tour can be tailored to your wish, budget, time and interests: art and history found in museums, tales of the city from various angles, local and worldwide culinary adventure or secrets behind the Dutch successful water management. Special attractions for children can be included.

North Holland - Hello Amsterdam! And… slow down in the village


A walk along the Amsterdam canals will show you the highlights of the historical centre: breathe in a bustling life against the backdrop of the glorious medieval trading city and footprints of its Golden Age. 


Next, we go to nearby Zaanse Schans – an impressive village – a tribute to the Dutch windmills and traditional crafts. Visit a wool weaver or a cooper. Have a chat with the friendly miller of the Black Cat windmill or with a skilful clog-maker, sense the ambience of the village street or taste local cheese. Here, you can visit the windmills that were used for grinding spices, mustard, cocoa beans and for sawing timber.


Our next destination is a picturesque fishing port and village of Marken. Fairy-tale setting, yet… true! 


WHERE: Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans and Marken

WHAT: walk in Amsterdam old city centre, walk in Zaanse Schans, walk to a fishing port Marken.

DURATION: 7-8 hours

WALKING: in total approx. 6-7 km (3.5-4 miles)



South Holland - Oh, so Dutch and… international!


The Hague is the cradle of Dutch democracy with the Parliament Houses, the King’s residence and the famous Peace Palace. If you wish, we may visit “the home” of Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring, Carel Fabritius’s Goldfinch and Jan Steen’s colourful families in the Mauritshuis museum.


Delft, the birthplace of Johannes Vermeer, has a spectacular centre with market squares, old churches and serene canals, but it is famous of its Delft Blue Pottery – why not to stop there to see live hand-painting on the fabulous earthenware by the artist painters.


Rotterdam is a stunning mix of the modern architecture, bustling life and footprints of the 17th century’s Pilgrim Fathers. At the turn of 19th and 20th centuries, the city was a hub of the massive emigration from countries across Europe to America on ships of the Holland-America Line. 



WHERE: The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam

WHAT: city walks 

DURATION: approx. 8-9 hours

WALKING: in total approx. 6 km (3.5 miles)

ACCESSIBILITY: no problem, gentle walk


Amsterdam City Tale - walk and sail

Meandering walk through the bustling city of trade. Imagine ships coming from afar laden with exotic timber, grains, coffee, tea, nutmeg and cinnamon, porcelain, gemstones and silks. Wealth in the warehouses and luxury life in the patricians’ canal side mansions… Traders at the world’s first stock (commodities) exchange to sell their merchandise and finance new expeditions. 


WHERE: Amsterdam

WHAT: walk along the highlights, got surprised by hidden spots witnessing life of centuries ago. Change the perspective – let’s hop on the boat and absorb the city from the water level.

DURATION: 4 hours

WALKING: approx. 3-4 km (2-2.5 miles)

ACCESSIBILITY: walk: yes; canal boat: only foldable wheelchair allowed on board, need to negotiate 4 steps on/off the board.


DID YOU KNOW THAT?..... Amsterdam has more canals than Venice? Our city canals cover approx. 100 km (60 miles) and we have 1500+ bridges.

Amsterdam History & Art - city walk and museum visit


Walk in the scenery of the Golden Age centre of Amsterdam, see it through Rembrandt’s eyes: canal-side houses where spices, beer and wheat were stored, little workshops where pottery was made or sea charts were minutely drawn. 

We will visit one museum of your choice: the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Hermitage or, the Stedelijk (modern art). During the guided visit I will introduce you to the ‘real gold’ as we call our museums’ treasures.


WHERE: Amsterdam

WHAT: walk in the city centre and guided museum visit

DURATION: 3-4 hours

WALKING: approx. 4-5 km (2.5-3 miles)



DID YOU KNOW THAT…. Vincent van Gogh saw Rembrandt’s painting The Jewish Bride in the Rijksmuseum and was so enchanted that he said later: “with water and bread I could stay here watching this painting for a week”.

Welcome in Mokum! From the Esnoga to Stolpersteine

Portuguese Synagogue, Emanuel de Witte 1680

Indulge in this all-Jewish history of Amsterdam. Begin with a guided visit to the Portuguese synagogue complex: since 1675 visitors have been awed by its stunning interieur - ceremonial treasures bathed in natural light through 72 tall windows or that of 1,000+ candles as there had been no electricity since then. 

A gentle walk follows in the former Jewish neighbourhood with stolpersteine (stumbling blocks) in front of the houses – in memoriam of Jews who lived here. We visit notable sites like the Auschwitz Monument, the National Holocaust Memorial. Continuation of the tour can be either to the Jewish Historical Museum or to the Anne Frank House which you may visit on your own (60-75 mins).


WHERE: Amsterdam

WHAT: guided walk in the former Jewish neighbourhood 

DURATION: approx. 3,5 hours 

WALKING: approx. 4-5 km (2.5-3 miles)

ACCESSIBILITY: walk and the synagogue: no problem 

in the Anne Frank House are very steep stairs are narrow hallways.


The Hague – where royals and politicians meet in the cradle of the international law

The 17th century government centre with the parliament buildings and “the little tower-office” of the Dutch Prime Minister. We pass by the Peace Palace where the International Court of Justice has its seat. Then, choose out of 2 options: 

  • A visit to Madurodam, the quickest Grand Tour of the Netherlands – in the park with miniatures of the Dutch old architecture, landscapes, windmills, modern sea-ports and… interactive discovery fun, not only for kids.
  • Guided visit in the Mauritshuis Museum with masterpieces by Vermeer, Rubens, Rembrandt, Steen, Hals and Post.


WHERE: The Hague

WHAT: city walk and/or visit to Mauritshuis museum or Madurodam miniature city

DURATION: 4-5 hours

WALKING: approx. 5-6 km (3-3.5 miles)



DID YOU KNOW THAT… The Hague was never formally awarded the city rights? … with all the consequences thereof. Why not?... I will tell you on the tour! 


Rotterdam - The young, the bold and… the hard working!


Rotterdam will show you a modern face of The Netherlands: The Swan bridge, a revue of the impressive high-rise buildings by the Dutch and internationally renowned architects, the floating dairy-cattle farm, floating gardens or the ultra-modern seaport. 


From an old seaport and the last European emigration-stop before America, Rotterdam became after WWII the playground of modern architects.   


You can grab your lunch at the modern Market Hall or indulge in the nostalgic ambience of the New York Hotel. Get a glimpse of the sea port or peek into a real cube family house. 


No shortage of cultural heritage here: modern art gallery Kunsthal, Museum Boojmans Van Beuningen and more for each taste.


WHERE: Rotterdam

WHAT: city walk

DURATION: 4 hours

WALKING: approx. 5 km (3 miles)



The story of wind and clogs in Zaanse Schans

The Dutch folk worked hard for centuries to ‘make Holland’. Just a few miles north of Amsterdam, you will see the polders -  our reclaimed land - and in the village of  Zaanse Schans – which is a living tribute to the traditional windmills and old crafts, you can relax in a countryside setting.

Optionally, we can extend this experience by visiting an old picturesque fishermen village of Marken.


WHERE: Zaanse Schans, Beemster polder, peninsula Marken

WHAT: short walks

DURATION: 4 hours

WALKING: approx. 6 km (3.5 miles)



All-About-Tulips for the early birds

In 2021, Keukenhof opens from 20 March to 9 May

How did the first mesmerising flowers find their way from the Altai Mountains to Holland to become the beauty icon since then? What was the Tulipmania? What is the ghost-soil of Keukenhof with 7 million of bulb flowers? 


And… how do we trade millions of Dutch flowers daily for the world markets? Let’s get it all clear in this energising all-about-tulip tour to the world’s largest flower auction. 


WHERE: Aalsmeer (auction) - Keukenhof Gardens

WHAT: guided morning visit to witness trade on the actual flower auction; all-senses walk in the fairy tale park of Keukenhof, drive amidst blooming fields.

DURATION: approx. 5 hours

WALKING: minimum 2.5 km (1.5 miles) to as far as you can



DID YOU KNOW THAT…. the most expensive single tulip bulb ever sold cost as much as a canal side house (approx. 13,000 florins/guilders)?


Child-Happy tours

Every tour sketched here, can be adjusted to make it a Child-Happy. Here are a few examples of sites especially attractive to young travellers: 

  • This Is Holland – In an hour you make an exciting ‘flight above’ the country - you feel wind in your hair and see the highlights of The Netherlands (3D flight experience, from 8-100 years).
  • Amsterdam Lookout - You’re adventurous and like challenge? How about a thrilling swing over the edge at the height of 100 m/ft?
  • Maritime Museum – a 17th century trading ship is open for your young explorers to learn all about sailing and life on-board.
  • Madurodam - highlights of the entire Netherlands in a kaleidoscopic place – the Miniature Park of Madurodam in The Hague. Enchanting outdoor experience to enjoy interactive games, play among miniature air-planes, windmills, watch manoeuvres of mini-trains and ships in the locks.
  • Kid-kits – Main museums offer free kid-kits for the youngest visitors to encourage curiosity and help them discover art in a playful way. 


For your taste only! Special interest and theme tours

If this is not your first time in the Netherlands, you may want to experience less frequented towns and places. 


  • Slow-down tour – picturesque villages off-the-beaten track. 
  • Art amidst nature - Kröller-Müller Museum and its park of sculptures.
  • Western Silk Road - Follow the silk: how the delicate yarn conquered Europe and became symbol of status and power.
  • Diamonds shine in Mokum – in the footsteps of Amsterdam’s Jewish Heritage.
  • Dream-catcher’s walk – discover little secrets beyond the High Streets.
  • World of Tastes – Dutch home favourites and/or our new neighbours’ flavours - with a certified culinary guide and safety protocols*.

*Only private groups - trusted, certified suppliers and venues complying with the safety best practices.


DID YOU KNOW THAT… Salmon was such a widely spread and cheap fish in the 17th century’s Dutch kitchen that in some households appeared daily on the table. Some of the house maids applying for the work insisted on putting in their work agreement a condition that “there will not be salmon more than 4 times in a week.