About Me

Let me introduce myself: I am Wika Trel and I live in Amsterdam. I love to show people the Netherlands and daily life of today, as well as how the Dutch built up the country, reclaiming land and faring the seas in the 17th century. In the past, I worked as a translator and I am used to communicate with guests from different backgrounds and guests for whom English is a second language. 


I am a certified tour guide for the Netherlands and active member of:

  • Guidor -  Dutch Guides Association
  • FEG -  Federation of European Guide Association
    (country delegate), 
  • WFTGA - World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (country delegate) 
  • WFTA - World Food Travel Association

Tourism for All, accessibility and safety are important issues in modern tourism to which I pay special attention. For more information, click here


Guiding is story telling. Not overflowing guests with data, but telling a story that explains what you see and creating the best experience for my guests. I also train guides in the ‘art of guiding’ as FEG Trainer in Accreditation. But I keep learning every day, not in the least from my guests.