Accessible & Safe

Accessibility – Tourism For All

I believe in Tourism For All.  I am happy to observe in the recent years improvement in accessibility of various sites as they get equipped to cater for various visitors’ needs. Sometimes, it requires a prior knowledge or preparations to ensure that your tours will go smoothly and you will have the best of it. 



If you can’t walk much, let me know.

If you are a wheelchair user or need a specialised transport I can arrange it and select accessible sites. If you need any other assistance, tell me, too. With open, unbiased communication, we shall find the best way!



Let's give Corona Virus no Chance


All the tours will be carried out with the ultimate care for safety for all parties involved: guests, guide and other participants (in museums, visited sites and culinary venues). I recommend to use your own personal protection measures (mouth-and-nose covering masks, gloves, disinfectants), but I will also provide them at all times.  


Whenever advisable, we shall use the ‘whisper system’ i.e. a transmitter-receiver-microphone set with (single-use) personal headsets for the tour participants.


We will comply to the national, on-site and any other specific health & safety regulations e.g. keeping of 1.5 m (approx. 4,5 ft) social distance wherever possible, wearing face masks where required or reasonable (#wear2care).


If, at the time directly preceding the booked tour, you may doubt about your health, please kindly consider postponing your tour until you get clarity about your condition. Please, advise me and together, for the sake of health safety, we shall find the best way out.